UX/UI Design Advanced

The UX/UI Design Advanced program is a comprehensive part-time program, designed to give you a solid foundation in the principles of experience design, user interface and visual communication.

Next start date Apr 17, 2017
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Course Overview

The UX/UI Design Advanced program is a part-time course that teaches skills in user experience design, as well as user interface & visual communication design. Through this program you will gain understanding of human-centred approach and will learn how to conduct research, planning, design, testing and iterating for digital products and offline experiences. Additionally, you will learn how to apply design theory to create engaging user interfaces for apps and websites.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will have an overview of the full UX & UI Design process and will be able to: gather requirements, conduct user research, construct a basic site-map and information architecture, leverage design patterns to construct wireframes, design a responsive website, use prototypes to test website designs, and construct a visual theme for a website, put in practice your knowledge of composition, colour, typography and interaction design to create interfaces using Sketch, Illustrator and Photoshop.





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What you'll learn

User research1 Created with Sketch.
User Research
Learn how and when to use the appropriate user experience research methods.
UX Methods
Personas, User Stories, Consumer Journey Maps, Stakeholder Interviews: master the skills industry is looking for.
Usability testing1 Created with Sketch.
Usability Testing
Explore user testing methods to design more effective interfaces.
Prototyping1 Created with Sketch.
Prototyping and User Interface Design
Learn to design intuitive interfaces that guide the user to accomplish their goals.
Typography, Colour & Composition
Create coherent and balanced designs by making good use of colour, typography and other visual elements.
Web & App Design
Create designs for the responsive web, and build interfaces that are optimized for iOS and Android.
Design Software Use
Create UI Designs in Sketch, pick up Photoshop for photo editing and use InVision to create interactive prototypes.
Create a visual identity and a digital style guide concept for an app and a landing page.


Topp Broccales
Topp Broccales
Lead Instructor and Product Designer at Unbounce

Topp is an innovative web designer with expertise in user experience, front end development and user interface design. He’s passionate about creating seamless user experiences that achieve balance between content, business value and technology. A Product Designer at Unbounce, Topp is also design lead for Unbounce’s Website Application, where he focuses primarily on crafting user experience for account, client, and user management. He has a well-rounded background with a Bachelor’s Degree in Animation, wedding videography, and worked in print design. When not designing something amazing, Topp loves sipping coffee with his wife and dog.

Stefan Rauch, UX Designer Foundation Instructor
Stefan Rauch
Lead UX Designer, Momentus Software

Stefan Rauch builds things that people use. He’s an UX Designer with an interest in human centered design, and the intersection between physical and digital experiences. As a Senior Product Designer at Momentus Software, he plays a critical role in the planning and management of the creative process from ideation through to development and deployment for mobile applications, hardware / software integrations, and VR / AR experiences. Stefan can also be found lecturing at design schools around Vancouver about the importance of solving problems for users through design, and applying those same user experience principles to business and marketing.

Nick Tchir
Instructor, UX Designer

Nick is an experience designer and digital creator, he’s been practicing professionally in the digital space for the past 7 years. Currently working at Invoke Media, Nick focuses mainly on making value-driven web and mobile user interface designs, participating in early concept development, design ideation and incorporate usability and field research findings into product/app and web design. He finds exploring how interaction and visual design can be leveraged to solve problems profoundly interesting and purposeful. Aside from inhaling data, Nick likes to pretend he’s good at surfing and snowboarding, chat him up about anything board related!

Laura Mason, UX Designer Foundation Instructor
Laura Mason
Lead UX Designer, Work at Play

Laura Mason is a user experience designer with extensive experience designing for web and mobile. Since graduating from the Interactive Design Program at Capilano University, she has been honing her skills in user experience, interaction design, and information architecture at lululemon athletica and Engine Digital. Now she designs unforgettable experiences and multi-channel strategies at Work at Play. Her work in the gaming industry provides her with a unique perspective on user engagement and behaviour. As a community-centric Vancouver citizen, she has a passion for collaborative environments and working in teams. She’s also an avid ultimate frisbee player!


Do I need a design background?

No. You will gain introductory skills in graphic design and understanding of design guidelines.

Do I need to have MAC for this program?

We recommend for you to use MAC in the foundation program as most of the UX tools are very mac-friendly. However we had a few students that use PC and still finished their projects successfully.

What is the difference between the Foundation and Professional Programs?

Our Foundation Programs are Part Time evening programs that run twice a week over 10 weeks, with a total of 60 hours of instruction. The programs are designed to give our students a hands-on introduction to the field of study. You will work on one major project throughout the duration of the program.

Our Professional Programs are 12 week Full Time programs, designed to produce entry-level professionals, who can hit the ground running, and play a meaningful role within a company from day one. The Professional Programs include 480 hours of instruction and lab time in the school, and will involve at least 5 major projects, and include significant professional development time to prepare you for life in the tech industry.

How is RED different?

RED stands for Real Education and Development. We offer a totally unique approach to learning; our school more closely resembles a real-world agency than what you might expect in a traditional learning environment. Our curriculum is also very different in that it is designed to be highly active and experiential, which means that you are working in student teams on real-world projects with real clients from our network of community and charity partners.

Our instructors however, are really our secret sauce: they are highly experienced, real world professionals, and you will work in an environment that offers an amazing student to instructor ratio of 7 to 1.

Start Dates and Pricing

UX/UI Design Advanced


RED Academy Vancouver

20 weeks, Monday & Wednesday, 6 - 9pm

Please note that places on our programs are limited, and that places are offered in the order that applications are received.

Winter 2017 Cohort January 16, 2017

Spring 2017 Cohort April 17, 2017

Summer 2017 Cohort July 10, 2017

Fall 2017 Cohort October 9, 2017

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