Digital Marketing Professional

The Digital Marketing Professional program is a comprehensive 12 week full time Diploma program, designed to provide students with in-depth practical experience and the relevant skills and tools needed to succeed in today's rapidly moving Digital Marketing workplace.

12 Weeks Full-Time
Next start date Jul 4, 2017
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Digital Marketing Professional Overview

The Digital Marketing Professional program is designed to teach students all of the aspects to help them succeed in a career in digital marketing and strategy. You will get hands-on experience and learn to effectively use tools like Google Analytics, how to segment your target market, track customer behaviour, optimize conversion processes and ROI.

Working with our Community Partners on Real Projects you will get practical hands-in experience in Website and Content Management and Strategy, Online Brand Strategy, CRO and A/B Testing, SEO and SEM, Social Media Management and Advertising, all the things you need to succeed in a career in Digital Marketing.




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What You'll Learn

Digital Marketing Strategy
Understand the aspects of how to develop an end-to-end digital marketing strategy.
Brand Strategy
Deconstruct the aspects of what makes a brand: personality, values, definition, and promise.
Google Analytics
Use Google Analytics and Tag Manager to apply fundamental concepts like performance measurement, comparison, and optimization.
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Google AdWords
Learn the fundamentals on advertising and attract customers through Google AdWords and PPC advertising.
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Email Marketing
Learn how to build an email marketing strategy with a focus on copy, A/B testing, optimization and lead nurturing.
Content Management and Strategy
Plan, develop, and manage a content strategy for a specific brand.
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Mobile Marketing
Build a mobile marketing strategy and learn mobile analytics and app and video marketing.
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Understand the difference between Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. Analyze the performance of a paid search campaign.
Social Media Management & Advertising
Understand a business' social media goals, audit channels and create a content strategy. Learn the essential forms of PPC advertising through social channels.
Inbound Marketing
Understand the buyer’s journey and how to develop an inbound marketing strategy to generate leads for a business.

Alumni Stories

Geff Wong, Digital Marketing Professional Course - Vancouver Graduate
Geff Wong
Winter 2016 Graduate

I had been thinking of making a career change at that point and RED seemed like a really good fit for myself after researching my options. As well a great way to bridge my marketing skills gap and my new career path. It was a quick decision for myself and in the end it was definitely worth it. RED was everything that I had hoped the program would be. The factor that sets this program apart from traditional universities is the fact that it was so hands on.

Corey Leung, Digital Marketing Professional Course - Vancouver Graduate
Corey Leung
Winter 2016 Graduate

From working as an analyst prior to RED, I knew that analytics was something I wanted to pursue further and Digital Marketing lends itself really well to that. My experience was positive! I use the skills I learned at RED on a daily basis now, so it has definitely paid off. The experience is definitely what you make of it and I really focussed on learning as much as I could and meeting as many people as possible.

Julia Zhou, Digital Marketing Professional Course - Vancouver Graduate
Julia Zhou
Fall 2015 Graduate

Prior to RED, I was completing my bachelors degree at UBC. Having grown up in the world of digital media, I felt that there was a gap in knowledge of the technical skill sets in digital marketing vs everyday use. I had an amazing experience at RED with the instructors, students and community partners! Currently I am working at my top choice agency, 6S Marketing, and continually working on my previous community project, Spare Rides.

Shennie Yang, Digital Marketing Professional Course - Vancouver Graduate
Shennie Yang
Winter 2016 Graduate

I chose the full-time digital marketing program at RED because I didn’t have a marketing background to help me start a career as a digital marketer. Even though I did learn a bit on my own from my previous job, I wanted to be taught by industry professionals to build the fundamental skills and knowledge to confidently call myself a full-stack digital marketer. The open-space and tech vibe of the school was exactly the environment I wanted to be in.

Meet Your Instructors

Holly Lawton, Digital Marketing Professional Course Lead Instructor - Vancouver
Holly Lawton
Lead Instructor, Digital Marketing

With over 10 years full-circle marketing experience, working across multiple B2C and B2B campaigns, Holly brings her passion for digital marketing to the Red Academy. Originally from the UK, Holly has worked in a wide varied of industries. From consumer campaigns like the world’s largest dog show Crufts, BBC Kids and live entertainment, right through to global telecommunications conferences, and a worldwide shipping broker proving that digital marketing can be applied successfully to any company, in any market. Holly cycled the pacific coast from Vancouver to Tijuana blogging all the way and in London, was a singer in a band. You will still catch her cycling around the city and maybe even singing.

Lisa McCann, Digital Marketing Professional Course Instructor - Vancouver
Lisa McCann
Instructor, Digital Marketing

Lisa is a strategic marketing professional with a passion for entrepreneurship, the digital world and a great brand story. With over four years experience driving tactical and strategic marketing projects, her specialties lie within brand management, digital marketing, automation and analytics. Lisa thrives off of out-of-the-box thinking, bursts of creativity and watching businesses grow. She loves the combination between creative and analytical elements in marketing, tying together all aspects. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and all sports. You can catch her on the green turf, with some cleats, good friends, and a soccer ball any chance she gets.

Rowan Springfield, Digital Marketing Instructor at RED Academy
Rowan Springfield
Instructor, Digital Marketing

Hailing from Devon, England, Rowan is a digital marketing expert with a passion for data, technology and optimization. With over four years of experience at top London agencies (Steak, Razorfish, and Foward3D) and prowess in paid search, Rowan has worked with some elite international clients such as Hilton and Ralph Lauren. He has a keen eye and pays attention to detail, delighting in finding trends and anomalies to exploit or fix. Rowan loves to be in the outdoors: be it snowboarding or biking in the mountains, climbing or just hiking around the North Shore. He probably should know better, but can’t resist the opportunity to jump off stuff when the opportunity arises.

What Makes RED Unique

Real Clients, Projects & Portfolios

RED is built on the principle of building Real World experience, and means our students are working with Community Partners on Real Projects, building a Real Portfolio of experience.

Radically Relevant to Industry

Our programs are continuously being updated to ensure that our students are learning the very latest skills, tools and technologies that are actually being used in the industry today.

Career Support & Development

Our tailored, highly personalized learning approach means you not only learn the right skills, but are also getting the one-on-one career support, soft skills and guidance you need to succeed.

Join the RED Community

At RED you will be part of a close-knit community who are here to support you on your journey and give you the kind of personalized attention and support to truly see you succeed in your career.


What's the difference between full-time and part-time programs?

Our Foundation Programs are Part Time evening programs that run twice a week over 10 weeks, with a total of 60 hours of instruction. The programs are designed to give our students a hands-on introduction to the field of study. You will work on one major project throughout the duration of the program.

Our Professional Programs are 12 week Full Time programs, designed to produce entry-level professionals, who can hit the ground running, and play a meaningful role within a company from day one. The Professional Programs include 480 hours of instruction and lab time in the school, and will involve at least 4 major projects, and include significant professional development time to prepare you for life in the tech industry.

What are the requirements?

Our requirements are more focused on having a great attitude. Program-wise, we concentrate on a self-directed learning model. This allows the students to take control over their own learning, creating a more open environment that can reflect how a student learns. Because of this, we require our students to be kind, ready to learn, and motivated for their own long-term benefit.

What type of certifications do students receive?

Throughout the program, you will be getting certifications in Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Google Display Network.

What kind of projects do we get to work on?

You will be working on a personal project building your website and marketing techniques and three community partner projects (ranging from inbound marketing, e-commerce and mobile app launch).

What kind of job can I get after the program?

Past graduates from the program have gone on to earn roles as Community Managers, Social Media Consultants, Digital Marketing Strategists, and SEM Marketing Coordinators.

Are the skills interchangeable?

Yes, the skills are interchangeable. If you decide to change careers in the future or pursue a different route in marketing the skills learned will help you transition more smoothly and better understand concepts and analytics no matter what the field might be.

How is RED different?

RED stands for Real Education and Development. We offer a totally unique approach to learning; our school more closely resembles a real-world agency than what you might expect in a traditional learning environment. Our curriculum is also very different in that it is designed to be highly active and experiential, which means that you are working in student teams on real-world projects with real clients from our network of community and charity partners, producing

Our instructors however, are really our secret sauce: they are highly experienced, real world professionals, and you will work in an environment that offers an amazing student to instructor ratio of 6 to 1.

Do you have a payment plan or any financing options?

Yes we do. After paying your deposit, there are two options:

1. The remainder of your tuition is paid in full 30 days prior to the term start date. Early bird discounts are available if you pay the first 50% within 60 days of the course start date.
2. The remainder of your tuition is paid in three instalments: 1/3 is paid 30 days prior to the start date of the term, 1/3 is paid on the term start date, and 1/3 is paid 30 days after the term start date. For part-time courses the financing option is +$100 and for full-time it’s +$300, with the fee attached to the first payment.

RED is an affiliate partner with Lendful, a Vancouver based lending company that provides a specific type of loan for people that are looking for short-term technical training.

Start Dates and Pricing

Digital Marketing Professional


RED Academy Vancouver

12 weeks, Monday-Friday, 9am - 5pm

Please note that places on our programs are limited, and that places are offered in the order that applications are received.

Summer 2017 Cohort July 4, 2017

Fall 2017 Cohort October 2, 2017

Winter 2018 Cohort January 8, 2018

Spring 2018 Cohort April 9, 2018

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