Web Developer Professional

The Web Developer Professional program is a comprehensive 12 week, full-time immersive Diploma program, that teaches our students the necessary skills to succeed as a front end web developer. Based on the principle of Radical Relevance, our programs are taught by seasoned industry professionals, teaching you the very latest technologies and tools that are used in the industry today, so that you go on to build a career as a successful developer in today's rapidly evolving digital economy.

12 Weeks Full-Time
Next start date Jul 4, 2017
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Web Developer Professional Overview

The Web Developer Professional program has been designed to teach our students the necessary skills, tools and technologies you need to start a career as an industry-ready front-end web developer. Throughout this intensive 12-week program, you will learn the fundamental technical skills for this career path, including HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, Angular 4, PHP, and WordPress.

You will also learn about responsive web design, how to use Sass (a CSS preprocessor), and how to use build tools such as Gulp and Webpack. You will be working on real hands-on projects, with a ratio of 7 students to every instructor, working on building out all of the necessary skills you need to start a career as a front-end developer.




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hours of instruction

What you'll learn

Master the web’s markup language and craft well-structured, semantic HTML.
Style pages to be elegant, responsive web experiences for users, and explore adding interactivity via CSS3 transitions.
Learn how to use CSS preprocessors and incorporate Sass best practices into your development workflow.
Bring your websites to life with jQuery and use it to interact with popular web APIs using Ajax.
Build your JavaScript foundation by learning the programming language of front-end development.
Angular 4
Take your JavaScript skills to the next level by learning Angular 4, a popular front-end framework.
Build WordPress themes and plugins, and learn other WordPress essentials such as custom post types, fields, and taxonomies, as well as its new REST API.
Dive into PHP and learn the basics of this popular server-side language, including a gentle introduction to object-oriented programming.
Learn how to use JavaScript task runners to help enhance and automate your deployment workflow.
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Git and GitHub
Master version control using Git and open-source your code on GitHub.

Alumni Stories

Blaze Kroeger, Web Developer Professional Course - Vancouver Graduate
Blaze Kroeger
Fall 2015 Graduate

My experience at RED was awesome, I learned so much in the 3 months that I attended and met some amazing people, it feels cliche to say but the class really felt like a family to me and I still try to keep in contact with them whenever possible. The teachers are outstanding as well, they all work extremely hard trying to produce the best lessons they can and I’d even say that some of the best friends I made at RED were the teachers. RED has been an enormous cornerstone for my life, I now work as a junior programmer at TBA Digital.

Sara Sim, Web Developer Professional Course Graduate
Sara Sim
Winter 2016 Graduate

Although I have no prior experience in Web Development and am new to the tech industry in Vancouver, the welcoming and positive environment at RED and the focus on front-end development was something I was looking for. It was nice to see RED offering personal and professional development to the students throughout the program. Even though the program is intense, it is manageable due to the support of the instructors, staff, and other students, I feel so fortunate to be a part of such a great team.

Alan Chow, Web Developer Professional Course Graduate
Alan Chow
Winter 2016 Graduate

I chose RED because I felt the school had a better focus for their developer program. I felt I would get more in-depth experience in front-end technologies and come out of RED with a deeper toolset and understanding. I’m glad I was right! I loved my experience at RED! It was definitely like a family where we all supported each other and became each other’s cheerleaders. Between group study sessions, hands-on learning, social and Industry Fridays, and great support from faculty it was an awesome and fun experience.

Meet Your Instructors

Cody Collicott
Lead Instructor, Web Developer

Cody has been working in the web dev world for over 7 years, specializing in WordPress and PHP. He started his career making custom WordPress themes and plugins, since then Cody has widened his expertise to everything from Zend to Angular. Always looking for the next emerging code that will turn the industry, and how to best use it with the projects at hand. Cody has worked in wide array of environments from in-house, freelance, enterprise, back-end and full-stack. He deeply values clean, reusable code in conjunction with an aesthetically pleasing interface. Cody loves his coffee.

What Makes RED Unique

Real Clients, Projects & Portfolios

RED is built on the principle of building Real World experience, and means our students are working with Community Partners on Real Projects, building a Real Portfolio of experience.

Radically Relevant to Industry

Our programs are continuously being updated to ensure that our students are learning the very latest skills, tools and technologies that are actually being used in the industry today.

Join the RED Community

Our tailored, highly personalized learning approach means you not only learn the right skills, but are also getting the one-on-one career support, soft skills and guidance you need to succeed.

Networking Opportunties

At RED you will be part of a close-knit community who are here to support you on your journey and give you the kind of personalized attention and support to truly see you succeed in your career.


What's the difference between full-time and part-time programs?

The part-time program is a gentle, but thorough introduction to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It’s designed for people who have very little experience with computers and the internet.

The full-time program is intensive, and is designed to give students the requisite experience for finding work as a professional front-end web developer when they complete the program.

What are the requirements?

The requirements for taking the full-time Web Developer Professional Program at RED are simply a willingness to learn and participate and a sense of adventure!

What coding languages, frameworks, etc. do I learn about during the course?

You will learn HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP. You will also learn about jQuery (which is a library of code that makes writing JavaScript much easier), and a JavaScript framework called AngularJS. You will also learn how to build out a website using WordPress as a content management system.

What kinds of jobs can I get after this course?

This program is primarily geared toward front-end web development, so you will be employable in any junior-level job with a focus on JavaScript a framework such as Angular, or any job focused on building websites out on a CMS like WordPress. Past graduates from the program have gone on to work as junior front-end developers for digital agencies, large tech companies, and up-and-coming start-ups.

Will you help me find a job?

Upon successful completion of a professional program, RED Academy is here to support you in your job search in a number of ways.

We have put in place an intensive professional development training program in addition to the technical skills we teach. We teach students how to nail a technical interview and we assist our students with personal branding. We also provide enumerable networking opportunities to get students feet wet early in their program.

Do you have a payment plan or any financing options?

Yes we do. After paying your deposit, there are two options:

1. The remainder of your tuition is paid in full 30 days prior to the term start date. Early bird discounts are available if you pay the first 50% within 60 days of the course start date.
2. The remainder of your tuition is paid in three instalments: 1/3 is paid 30 days prior to the start date of the term, 1/3 is paid on the term start date, and 1/3 is paid 30 days after the term start date. For part-time courses the financing option is +$100 and for full-time it’s +$300, with the fee attached to the first payment.

RED is an affiliate partner with GROW, a Vancouver based lending company that provides a specific type of loan for people that are looking for short-term technical training.

Start Dates and Pricing

Web Developer Professional


RED Academy Toronto

12 weeks, Monday-Friday, 9am - 5pm

Please note that places on our programs are limited, and that places are offered in the order that applications are received.

Summer 2017 Cohort July 4, 2017

Fall 2017 Cohort October 2, 2017

Winter 2018 Cohort January 8, 2018

Spring 2018 Cohort April 9, 2018

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