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Become an industry-ready marketing unicorn in 24 weeks. RED Academy is committed to working with our graduates until they are hired. Our graduate placement rate is over 95% within 3 months of graduation.

24 Weeks Full-Time
Next start date Jul 4, 2017
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Full-Stack Marketer Professional Overview

The Full-Stack Marketer Professional Program is designed for students who want to be in control of all stages of digital marketing and create beautifully crafted marketing campaigns, engaging user interfaces, and memorable brand experience.

This program consists of two 12-week modules: User Interface & Communication Design and Digital Marketing Professional. At the end of this program, you will be able to: create brand identity and its marketing strategy; design web and mobile applications; plan and execute engaging marketing campaigns; make data-driven design decisions; track customer behaviour; optimize conversions and much more.

This program was designed to give you a unique competitive edge: having both Marketing & Visual Design skills will allow you to be independent of designers and will help you take your ideas to the next level.




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What You'll Learn

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Digital Marketing Strategy
Develop an end-to-end digital marketing strategy considering the buyer’s journey, and learn how to develop an inbound marketing strategy to generate leads for a business.
Google Analytics & AdWords
Use Google Analytics and Tag Manager to apply fundamental concepts like performance measurement, comparison, and optimization and learn how to attract customers through Google AdWords and PPC advertising.
Mobile & Email Marketing
Build an email marketing strategy with a focus on design, copy, A/B testing, optimization and lead nurturing. Learn mobile analytics and app and video marketing.
Social Media Management & Advertising
Understand a business' social media goals, audit channels and create a content strategy. Learn the essential forms of PPC advertising through social channels.
Brand Strategy
Deconstruct the aspects of what makes a brand: personality, values, definition, promise, visual identity and brand storytelling.
Content Management and Strategy
Plan, develop, and manage a content strategy for a specific brand.
Typography, Colour & Composition
Create coherent and balanced designs by making good use of colour, typography and other visual elements.
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User Interface Design & Prototyping
Get an overview of the UX Design process, and collaborate with UX students on creating marketable and intuitive websites and apps that guide the user to accomplish their tasks.
Design Software Use
Learn Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, InVision, and get an introduction to InDesign.
Creative Thinking
Lead brainstorming sessions to facilitate conceptual thinking and adopt a strategic and human-centric approach to problem solving.

Day in the life of a Full-Stack Marketer student

Our commitment to a fully engaged learning process extends into the creation of an energizing environment where our students have the time to work as well as play.

Every aspect of our in-school experience is dedicated to creating a space where students, instructors, alumni, and mentors, can engage with one another in a way that’s relaxed, supportive, and friendly.

9:00am - 9:15am
Morning Exercise
From morning stretches to icebreakers and creative exercises, we always make sure to start the day right.
9:15am - 12:00pm
Lesson & Workshop Time
Gain knowledge through our engaging, immersive and relevant teaching style, and work on your project with one-on-one support from your instructors.
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Hang out in the kitchen with students from other programs or listen to an industry guest speaker.
1:00pm - 4:45pm
Lesson & Workshop Time
Receive technical tutorials on software like Photoshop and Illustrator, and get more time to apply your new skills and work on your projects.
4:45pm - 5:00pm
Daily Check-In
Practice agile approach during these scrum meetings and share any good news, hurdles and project progress with the rest of your teammates.
5:00pm - Late
Homework And/Or Networking
Stay in school to get some work done or network with the industry at our evening events.


James McNab
Lead Instructor, UX Designer

James graduated from OCADU in 2012 with a Bachelors of Design in Advertising. He has worked with over 25 different startups and founders over the last 5 years. James has designed mobile games, desktop, mobile and web apps for a huge range of clients and projects, from restaurants to Bitcoin — he’s even designed custom t-shirts! In his downtime enjoys long walks on the beach (provided there are Pokemon to be caught.)

Alexandra Sifton, Digital Marketing Foundation Course Instructor- Toronto
Alexandra Sifton
Instructor, Digital Marketing

Ali is an Account Manager with a focus on all things native advertising and content marketing related. She has 7 years working in various digital marketing aspects on both agency and client side in Digital Marketing with clients including Johnson & Johnson, Loblaws, and 20th Century Fox. Ali’s biggest digital interest lies in the ROI on content marketing and promotion. Ali can be found traveling, exploring new Toronto restaurants, running with a podcast (usually TED Talks and Freakonomics), and reading just about anything. Having been born and raised in the GTA, she has also lived in Dublin & Saskatoon.

Career Support

Real Clients, Projects & Portfolios

RED is built on the principle of building Real World experience, and means our students are working with Community Partners on Real Projects, building a Real Portfolio of experience.

Radically Relevant to Industry

Our programs are continuously being updated to ensure that our students are learning the very latest skills, tools and technologies that are actually being used in the industry today.

Career Support & Development

Our tailored, highly personalized learning approach means you not only learn the right skills, but are also getting the one-on-one career support, soft skills and guidance you need to succeed.

Join the RED Community

At RED you will be part of a close-knit community who are here to support you on your journey and give you the kind of personalized attention and support to truly see you succeed in your career.

Full-Stack Marketer FAQs

What type of projects will I work on?

Throughout the program, you will be briefed on 8 different projects including 4 community partner projects (working with real world clients). These range from inbound marketing, e-commerce and website & mobile app design and launch. You will also get time to work on your portfolio. Each project covers something different and at the same time builds upon the previous one. We are always working to create interesting and fun projects that offers a deep challenge to shift from a tech newbie to a savvy designer and marketer.

How is the course structured?

The Full-Stack Marketer Professional Program consists of two 12-week modules. It’s essentially the combination of the UI & Communication Design Professional Program and the Digital Marketing Professional Program.

What software will I learn?

Our main focus for technical skills will be in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. You will also get to know Sketch, InVision, and receive a quick introduction to Adobe InDesign.  All tools that are actively used in the industry. To keep structure and communication clear, we use tools like Slack and Trello.

What type of certifications will I receive?

Throughout the program, you will be getting certifications in Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Google Display Network.

Do I need any coding skills before enrolling the program?

You don’t need any coding skills in this program. We will teach you some basic knowledge of coding with HTML & CSS.

Do I need to use a Mac for this program or can I use a PC?

We recommend for you to use a Mac as the courses will be taught on a Mac and most design softwares are optimized to run on Macs. We also highly recommend for you to get a computer mouse as it will be easier to work in Photoshop and Illustrator.

What jobs can I get with this course?

Possible employment outcome includes: User Interface Designer, Interactive Designer, Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Communication Designer, Community Manager, Social Media Consultant, Digital Marketing Strategist, SEM Marketing Coordinator and Project Manager.

Do I need a design background?

Not necessarily, however it can be beneficial if you have a good sense of style and have a keen interest in visual arts.

What are the requirements for entering the program?

Our requirements are more focused on attitude and behaviour. We concentrate on a self-directed learning model which allows the students to take control over their own learning, creating a more open environment that can reflect how a student learns. Because of this, we require our students to be kind, ready to learn, and motivated for their own long-term benefit. We also expect students to be proficient using a computer and have good English communication skills.

How is RED different?

RED stands for Real Education and Development. We offer a totally unique approach to learning; our school more closely resembles a real-world agency than what you might expect in a traditional learning environment. Our curriculum is also very different in that it is designed to be highly active and experiential, which means that you are working in student teams on real-world projects with real clients from our network of community and charity partners.
Our instructors however, are really our secret sauce: they are highly experienced, real world professionals, and you will work in an environment that offers an amazing student to instructor ratio of 6 to 1.

Will you help me find a job?

Absolutely! We have our RED commitment that means we’ll work with you until you find your fit in tech. We provide an intensive professional development training program that provides the guidance, skills and tips for identifying, applying and landing your dream job. Also, we provide enumerable networking opportunities to get our students’ feet wet early in their program.

Do you have a payment plan or any financing options?

Yes we do. After paying your deposit, there are two options:

1. The remainder of your tuition is paid in full 30 days prior to the term start date. Early bird discounts are available if you pay the first 50% within 60 days of the course start date.
2. The remainder of your tuition is paid in three instalments: 1/3 is paid 30 days prior to the start date of the term, 1/3 is paid on the term start date, and 1/3 is paid 30 days after the term start date. For part-time courses the financing option is +$100 and for full-time it’s +$300, with the fee attached to the first payment.

RED is an affiliate partner with GROW, a Vancouver based lending company that provides a specific type of loan for people that are looking for short-term technical training.

Start Dates and Pricing

Full-Stack Marketer Professional


RED Academy Toronto

24 weeks, full-time

Please note that places on our programs are limited, and that places are offered in the order that applications are received. Also note that the 24 week program period excludes the 2 weeks between December 17 to January 1st during which there won't be any classes.

Summer 2017 Cohort July 4, 2017

Fall 2017 Cohort October 2, 2017

Winter 2018 Cohort January 8, 2018

Spring 2018 Cohort April 9, 2018

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