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Each term we build partnerships with forward-thinking organizations. Our students create projects of real world impact for their portfolios. Meanwhile, the partners receive valuable, high-quality work.

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What Our Partners Are Saying

Pietra Basilij Headshot
Pietra Basilij
Vancouver Economic Commission

I am so pleased with the prototype that the students came up with and can’t wait to get it fully built out. The work they did helped me navigate the complexity of this project. We now have a way to communicate our work in the Flats and engage with our many stakeholders online.

Brenda Bailey Gershkovitch Headshot
Brenda Gershkovitch
Executive Director, Big Sisters BC Lower Mainland

The students at RED Academy were so helpful, eager and talented. We had a long wish list and they were able to implement any revisions we asked for. It was great to have such a strong team working on our website. You guys are the best!


Headshot for Jeanie Morton
Jeanie Morton
City Studio

The students’ user research helped confirm our suspicions of what we need in a project site. Their architecture for a back end site shows an excellent understanding of how our program works and what we need to meaningfully sort, organize and showcase our student projects.

Headshot for Jill Greenwood
Jill Greenwood

The students were proactive, effective with the project. They built something relevant to our needs and made great recommendations. They provided us with something that is useful in the real world that can (and will) be implemented.

headshot of Sion Lanini
Sion Lanini
DreamRider Productions

Amazing opportunity for non-profits to get skilled volunteer support in a structured way. The opportunity came up at the perfect time for us. Thanks for your help!

headshot of Tim Davis
Tim Davis
iConnected Home

You guys are amazing! Such a refreshing approach to education and giving back to the community. There’s still growing & settling going on, but that also adds to the delight and the magic I’ve seen unfold at RED. Keep up the amazing work. I’m already recommending you to other organizations!

Previously Completed Community Projects

Change Heroes Mobile App

One partner on our list is Change Heroes, a local tech start-up with big dreams. Change Heroes is the leader in peer-to-peer fundraising. They provide their peer-to-peer fundraising platform to non-profit organizations, like Me to We. The formula for success with the Change Heroes platform is personalized video asks to your friends and family. They participated in the Mobile Application project to expand the power of their existing web platform. Our User Experience Design students were able to design a medium-fidelity prototype of the mobile application. They focused of the experience of the campaign leader, optimizing the creation of the campaign and inviting your friends utilizing the power of SMS and other mobile capabilities. The new mobile app for Change Heroes is currently in beta mode.

Partnered with Change Heroes was students Andrea Pittman, Andres Navas, Elina Lee and Lucas Sellyn.

Digital Marketing with Lunapads

One of our amazing Digital Marketing community partners was lunapads.com. lunapads.com is a woman-owned business on a social mission. Located in Vancouver, BC, their eco-friendly products are designed to give individuals more positive and informed experiences of their menstrual cycle. Lunapads are now used by thousands of customers worldwide. As a result, 2 million disposable pads and tampons are now being diverted from landfills every month! Lunapads wanted to continue to grow their conversion rates and build awareness for their reusable menstrual products. They partnered with Digital Marketing students Cassandra Chanes, Karen Kennedy, and Sadi Baker to achieve these goals. The students delivered a full Digital Marketing strategy report that centred around a holiday campaign for Mother’s Day. #DitchTheDisposables

Track your Impact Mobile App

We fortunately have the bragging rights to say we partnered our students with We.org, the parent organization for We Day, Me to We and Free the Children. Me to We was the organization that the proposed project sat under. In case you’re not familiar, Me to We is a non-profit organization that supports sustainable development. In many retailers you can find the logo attached to bracelets, calendars, clothing and more. Each of these products have a unique code on the back. These codes give you an opportunity to “Track Your Impact” on the Me to We website. They proposed to work with the UX students at RED to evolve the current Track Your Impact feature to increase engagement and sales. On the team was Chris Ulmer, Katherine Wearing and James King. They developed a concept for a web application that would contain an interactive map, displaying the various projects that Me to We has around the world. A user could receive updates on the project of their choosing, and keep updated with new Me to We products. The final deliverables included wireframes and clickable prototypes of their website re-designed to integrate the new feature, and the new web application in both mobile and desktop views. 

What our students say

Princess's headshot
Princess Akushika Tettey
Spring 2015 Alumni

I chose to study at RED because of the opportunity to work with community partners, and I’m glad I did. It was always an interesting process of learning about each new community partner, the products and services they provide, and trying to figure out how I could apply the skills I had to support their growth. But for me, the best part about working with them was seeing them appreciate and find value in the work I did. I’m grateful for that because it boosted my confidence in my skills which definitely showed during my job search.

headshot of andres navas
Andres Navas
Fall 2015 Alumni

Working for Pebble Baby has been one of the greatest challenges I have faced in a working environment. Being unfamiliar with the target users (mom’s and babies) and business goals forced me to immerse myself in the research process. After presenting our solution to Pebble’s owners and hearing what they had to say about our work, I felt extremely proud. Pebble Baby marks a very important moment in my life: the transition from a UX Design student to a UX Design professional.

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