Why Choose RED Academy After Graduating from University

We do our best to provide our students with the best experience right from the start of the admissions process. We try to make it easy for them to choose RED Academy by listening to their goals both personally and professionally.  Whether they’re switching  careers or finishing up a degree at University, we help them choose the program they would benefit from the most.

Hamza Ahmad is an alumni from the Fall 2016 Digital Marketing Foundation program.  One of his first steps in choosing RED was attending a Sampler Session.  One of our main series of events at RED are our samplers, where anyone is welcome to take a sample lesson in either design, development or marketing.  Hamza went with the digital marketing sampler and quickly got a taste of what it’s like to learn at RED. Here he shares why he thinks students should choose RED Academy even after completing a degree program at university.

My first exposure to RED Academy was last summer while scrolling through Facebook where I saw an advertisement of theirs for a “Summer Sampler.” I clicked the ad, hoping to sample one of their courses, and signed up to spend a few hours exploring digital marketing. At this point, I was heading into my fifth and final year of the Bachelors of Kinesiology Undergraduate program at The University of British Columbia and going back to school right after getting out was the last thing on my mind. All I wanted, even after attending the action-packed summer sampler, was to be away from school. I desired to grow the business I started in my undergrad, which was receiving little attention due to me pouring most of my time into university coursework. This blog post is about how RED Academy changed my mind and made me want to give school another shot. For starters, lets check out the video below.



Six months after graduating from a big university, still searching for the right job and having a started a new passion project, I felt stuck and unable to build a strategy for myself due to a lack of skills in digital marketing. Everything I learned in university, even with a minor in commerce, seemed mostly theoretical and barely applicable to jobs on the market that I was interested in. I decided to enroll in the Digital Marketing Foundation course at RED Academy to learn more about social media, SEO, paid advertising, email marketing and web analytics. Having graduated from the digital marketing program last week, the above are just a few of the many pivotal digital marketing practices I learned to navigate and crush it in today’s tech upheaval. The following are aspects of life at RED Academy I appreciate the most.

No Lectures

The worst part of university is sitting through long, boring lectures that seem to never end. However, at RED Academy, we were taught with example-based material for a portion of the class and then either individually, or in small groups, I practiced these newly learned skills through in-class activities created by the instructor. In addition, there were no quizzes, midterms, assignments or evaluations of any kind – just learning cool stuff and applying the cool.

Real Life Application

Everything taught in class was directly applicable to what one would be expected to do in a typical digital marketing role, whether working in a startup or a big agency. Each class focused on a specific area of digital marketing and the entire lesson revolved around preparing us to be confident in using that skill in the real world. For example, when learning about Google AdWords, in small groups, we created an ad that we would be displayed on Google’s search results page, and we were given a $20 budget to run the actual ad. The ad was then launched and active for a few days, after which we saw our results. How many clicks, conversions and impressions did the ad get? This process allowed us to firsapply the skill into a reality-based scenario, we received immediate feedback on what we did well and instructors also guided us on how we could have achieved better results.

RED Academy class in session

Industry Instructors

All the instructors for digital marketing have jobs or are running startups in which they have a digital marketing role, and were very savvy with the technology they taught us about. They were also well connected in the industry and would often provide useful tips for job-hunting and offered to make introductions to people they knew were looking for digital marketers.

Small Class Sizes

I used to feel intimidated to ask a question in university because over 100 people would be listening. What if I make a fool of myself? The classes at RED Academy typically have only 20-25 students each, with 3-4 TA’s in addition to the instructor. This made it easy for all my burning questions to be addressed, in addition to being able to join in on fun class discussions which drastically improved my learning as a result. The intimate class setting also opened up space for me to meet and befriend the people nearby, as I soon got to know the familiar faces, and conversations naturally erupt during break or after class.

I feel hopeful about the “small school” learning experience that RED Academy has to offer and which many are now looking towards to supplement or even entirely replace the big university gig. If you feel the way I did after university or perhaps you’re looking for a fresh career, check out the courses offered at RED Academy.

Written By:
Hamza Ahmad
Digital Marketer, Video Specialist, Creative Facilitator
Linkedin | Instagram | Youtube 

Haidee Kongpreecha

Digital Marketing Instructor and Content Strategist

Haidee is a digital strategist who brings over seven years of marketing experience to RED Academy. She graduated with a BA from Simon Fraser University in Criminology and English, where she developed sharp analytical skills and linguistic finesse. Though Haidee has worked in all areas of digital marketing, her expertise is in content marketing, digital storytelling and branding. She is driven by creating innovative content that captivates and resonates with people. When she's not working, Haidee is sleeping. Haidee enjoys a good nap.

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