Thinking of Becoming a UX Designer?

Today, there are over 18,000 User Experience Design jobs that need to be filled in Canada — and with them come some serious perks. Not only do these careers often come with flexible schedules and endless opportunities for growth, but salaries can quickly exceed six figures with just a few years under your belt.

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If you’re looking for a career change, now is the perfect time to take advantage of this unique  and become a pioneer in this dynamic field.Canada’s economy will create at least 218,000 tech jobs between now and 2020, but lacks the people to fill them, says a new report from a not-for-profit think tank.That means we are 14,000 tech graduates per year short – that’s where RED comes in.

You don’t need a degree or even a tech background to get started. All you need is 12 weeks and a willingness to learn, push creative boundaries, and work with leading professionals in the field.

Thinking about a career in UX? Come in for a 1-on-1 discussion with our Lead UX Design Instructor. 

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Matt Parson

Joining RED Academy as the Director of Operations, Matt is fascinated by all things data-related. With five years of experience in the industry, Matt is excited about the exponential growth within tech, and can’t wait to see the advancements achieved within the next 3, 5 and 10 years.

Matt is inspired by challenging people’s preconceived notions that they can’t do something, as well as the pursuit of making education more accessible and personal through technology. With lofty ideals such as these, you might not be surprised to learn that Matt is a distant relative of Benjamin Franklin.

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Vancouver 778 379 7175

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Vancouver 778 379 7175

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