UX Design: Top 5 Skills for Designers

You might expect UX design to be all about mockups and wireframes, but did you also know that you’ll want to have some HTML and CSS skills in your back pocket?

Oh, and what about Adobe Creative Suite? Or JavaScript? Today’s employer is looking for a UX designer who can bring a lot to the table. Keep in mind that doesn’t even begin to cover any soft skills (after all, who doesn’t like a UX designer who can actually talk to clients?).

We broke down the top 25 skills for UX designers today:

ux design

The world of technology and design moves fast — it can be tough to stay on top of the latest technical skills in demand. Luckily for you, RED Academy reviews their curriculum every three months, meaning you’ll always you’ll always be working with the most relevant technology, and gaining the skills that get you hired. We even take the time to help you polish up those all important soft skills that make you a more attractive professional.

The best part about learning new skills? Getting to use them right away. Our studies found that roughly 20% of UX job postings require less than a year of professional experience, and that an average entry level salary is $53,000. And who wouldn’t want to start an exciting new career in an industry that just keeps on growing?

Want to learn more about UX Design at RED Academy? Come out to our Intro to UX Event on July 13th!

And don’t forget you can meet with our team for 1-on-1 for coaching sessions on Tuesday, July 19th! Our team of industry professionals will offer you all of the answers you need to see if either our full-time UX Design Professional Program or part-time UX Design Foundational Program is the right step for your career.

Dan Ophaug
Dan Ophaug

Dan Ophaug is a copy and content writer currently based in Toronto, Ontario. Born and raised in the UK, Dan has also spent time living in Montreal and New Brunswick. With a background in both journalism and film studies, he decided his real passion was in writing, and has since worked with everyone from arts publications to tech startups to produce creative content.

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