The School Fund: November 16th is Match Day!

Did you know approximately 60 million children around the world are denied the right to basic education? This is a huge problem, as education impacts economic growth, employment levels, nutrition, child health, empowerment of women, tolerance, and environmental health. These items are critical to bring equal human rights to all, and to allow countries to be sustainable. That’s what makes organizations like The School Fund so important.

Here at RED, we’re all about redefining education. We can’t begin to express our gratitude to be in the unique position we’re in. Why? Because we’re able to open doors to a booming industry in a country that celebrates freedom and democracy. When you can create opportunity, you create impact. From new careers to economic growth, education is the foundation for changing lives.

Many countries are failing to meet their goals of supporting universal basic education. One of the biggest concerns in the data is the lack of support for secondary education. For example, in areas like the sub-Saharan Africa, South, and West Asia, women who have primary education are 14% less likely to end up getting married before the age of 15. Compare that to the 64% reduction if those same girls went to secondary school.

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One of the few organizations focusing on increasing secondary education access is The School Fund. This crowdfunding platform raises money for students in need of support to begin or continue their secondary education. Plus 100% of donations for students go directly to the actual students.

Since it was founded in 2010, The School Fund has provided over 1,000 scholarships to secondary school students in developing countries. Just last year The School Fund granted $225,000 in scholarships to over 500 students. Their student success rate speaks for itself; last year 96% of students advanced to the next grade level or graduated.

“Basic education is a human right,” shared Michael Childress, Director of Programs at The School Fund. “It’s a powerful tool for empowering people around the globe.”

With 65 Million adolescents out of school today, we have a long way to go before youth are able to flourish in an equal-opportunity world. The good news is that we can accelerate our progress one student at a time. Never underestimate the immense power in grassroot public initiatives.

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Want to help out? November 16th is The School Fund’s Match Day, where all contributions are matched dollar for dollar by an anonymous donor. Join RED Academy in Vancouver and countless others as we aim to double their impact on global education. In Toronto? No problem! Stop by our RED Academy location on Wellington Street West for an epic bake sale!

Visit to learn more, and find a student to support.

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