High Pay, Low Stress: The Perks of Tech Jobs

High pay, low stress, little physical exertion; these are just some of reasons why those that hold tech jobs are some of the happiest workers across the globe. In fact, a recent study found that 36% of those in IT love their career, while 76% reported overall job satisfaction.

For many this comes as little surprise, since tech jobs have always ranked high on the “˜Best Jobs’ list year in and year out. And there’s another reason for this glowing report card: the pay. With the average salary coming in around $90,000, the fruits of your labor are definitely abundant.

As a growing industry that’s constantly changing, IT jobs are in high demand. But with a very small pool of skilled developers to choose from, companies have had to step it up to attract new employees. As a result, it’s not just salaries that have to be competitive. Companies like Hootsuite and Amazon have introduced state-of-the-art facilities where staff can work, play, and essentially live in the same complex. From complimentary yoga classes to the coveted beer keg collections, offering both competitive salaries and lifestyle amenities are now vital to attract the top workers in tech.


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Of course it’s not all fun and games. Working in IT can be a tough career choice at times. Deadlines can be short and hours can be long. Plus you’re expected to be an expert on advanced technologies that could be obsolete before you even get them installed. However, compared to an Undersea Internet Cable Repair person or an Electronic Assembler (both of which topped the Worst Jobs in IT list), the occasional late night may be worth the sacrifice.

Perhaps one of the most attractive features of tech is that there’s always room for growth. Whether you’re working for a start-up or a Fortune 500, the diversity of roles that need to be filled never quite seems to end. You may start as a digital marketer, dabble in code, and become a full-fledged website developer all within a few years. Limitation is something you’ll never have to worry about, and to many, that makes the tech industry even sweeter.

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Picture of Colin Mansel
Colin Mansell

Colin is the CEO / Managing Director of RED Academy. He originally started his career as a classically trained musician and sound engineer, before switching to the tech industry where he has been working for the past 15 years. While he sounds British, don’t let that accent fool you; his roots are Dutch, and he calls Amsterdam his hometown.

Also the founder of Drive Digital, one of Western Canada’s biggest digital agencies, Colin is inspired by watching people create and seeing them find fulfillment in doing something they believe in. Colin is excited by the idea that the Internet connects us all, increasing transparency and accountability. He strongly believes that purpose is a bigger driver in people than profit, which will lead us to a better, fairer, more conscious world – values that dictate the foundation of RED.

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