Student Showcase Winter 2017

Every cohort we hold a student showcase where our students present their best client projects to family, friends, community partners and just about anyone interested in seeing the high-quality work that RED students produce. This Thursday, March 30th, 2017, seven student groups have been selected to present!

One of the main reasons why students come to RED Academy is because they are given the chance to work on projects for real clients. Our students have had a chance to work with some really great businesses through our Community Partner Program. From entrepreneurs to start-ups, well-established legacy brands to medium-sized businesses ready for a tech boost, our students complete projects for a variety of clients. Our community partners are always so impressed to see the industry-quality work that our students produce.

While we would love to highlight all of the groups that are presenting, we obviously don’t want to give away all the magic… However, to give you a taste of the talent for the evening, here are two of our students presenting.

Vivian Lin, UI & Communication Design

Vivian Lin, UI and Communication Design
Vivian is a service and experience designer with a Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design from Emily Carr University. Her work is often focused on critically exploring our sense of self and well-being within the context of community, through a process-based design practice focused on behaviour change; she creates systems and strategies to tell stories of the intangible relationships between people, products and society. Vivian is graduating from the UI & Communication Design program at RED.

Vivian will be presenting a responsive website she and her team designed for a local naturopathic doctor, Dr. Kathleen Mahannah. Dr. Mahannah was new to her practice when she was selected to be a Community Partner. Vivian’s team worked hard to create a brand for Dr. Mahanna, and make the transition seamless from her website to her separate appointment booking site.

Lawrence Chung, Digital Marketing Professional

Lawrence Chung, Digital Marketing
As a strategist, Lawrence approaches problems by seeing the big picture first and then developing a step by step plan to create a solution. RED has been the perfect learning environment for him because he is able to put his analytical skills to the test when creating AdWords or SEO strategies for his clients. Upon graduation from the Digital Marketing Professional program, Lawrence aims to continue to hone his craft through providing digital marketing consultations with businesses. Check him out at!

Lawrence and his team will be presenting their digital strategy for Zephyr Epic, an eCommerce platform that sells Pokemon cards, hockey cards and trading card games. The team worked hard to audit the company’s digital presence, develop a content strategy and create a multi-channel campaign.  Their main goal was to increase Zephyr Epic’s online sales and grow their brand online. Come see the high-level overview of their strategy and campaign idea they presented to the company!

Student Showcase Information:
Date: Thursday, March 30th, 2017
Time: 6pm – 9pm
Location: RED Academy
To attend, please RSVP here.

We hope to see you all there!

virtual reality
Andee Pittman

Andee sees life as a series of experiences and hopes to have a positive impact on every person she meets and every interaction she has. She's brought this passion for humans and their happiness to the stage, to developing countries, and now to Vancouver's growing tech sector. Through all her endeavours she's fostered strengths in ideation, empathy, analysis, and communication - all traits that drive her ambition in the field of UX and leadership design.

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