RED Summer Sampler: Tech Events in Vancouver

Our Summer Sampler series has arrived! If you are thinking of launching a new career in tech, we’re hosting sample classes in Web Development, User Experience & User Interface Design, and Digital Marketing. Each class is designed to teach you basic fundamentals in tech and get a taste of learning at RED.

From June 6 to 8, anyone interested in a career in tech can try a sample lesson from our major courses. You’ll learn skills that apply directly to the most in-demand tech jobs in Vancouver. Classes include:

  • Web Development: Introduction to HTML and CSS
  • Digital Marketing: Introduction to Social Media for Businesses
  • User Experience/User Interface Design: Introduction to User Experience/User Interface Design

RED Sampler - HTML/CSS

 Introduction to HTML and CSS

In this sample lesson, you’ll learn a couple of the basic fundamentals of building a web page: HTML and CSS. We’ll also have two guest speakers from IT Glue, Allison Hicks (Director, People & Culture) and Shannon Spinder (Coordinator, People & Culture). Allison and Shannon will share what it’s like to work at IT Glue, what they look for when hiring web developers and career opportunities in the industry.

No previous experience in web development is required for this sample lesson. If you’re interested in a career as a web developer, or just want to try out coding, this lesson is the place to start. You’ll be able to network with Allison and Shannon, RED web development instructors, and fellow Vancouverites interested in coding and tech.

6:00 PM

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Introduction to Social Media for Businesses

Social Media Marketing is a fast-paced, people-driven piece of Digital Marketing. In this sample lesson, you’ll learn the basics of what makes a successful Social Media Marketer on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’ll also have Dan Gogolin, Co-Founder of Joda Creative, talk about the importance of content on social media as it relates to Influencer Marketing.

No previous marketing or digital marketing experience is needed. So, if you like social media, this sample lesson will give you insight as to how you can launch a career as a social media marketer. You’ll have a chance to learn basic skills, network with industry professionals, and chat with RED Instructors on careers in social media and courses in digital marketing.

6:00 PM

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 Introduction to User Experience/User Interface Design

In this sample lesson, you’ll learn the importance of having intuitive interfaces, designed beautifully and strategically using UX and UI principles. All this with the aim of achieving a memorable impact on the user and keep them coming back for more. We’ll also be welcoming our guest speaker, Stepan Doubrava,  Head of User Experience at Samsung Electronics. Stepan will be talking about why he loves design, his role at Samsung and career opportunities in the industry.

This class is open to all levels of design. You may be interested in design and/or thinking of launching a career in either User Experience or User Interface Design, or you may have been as a graphic design for awhile, and want to explore how your skills can be applied to the tech industry. This sample lesson will give you the opportunity to find out more about what is UX/UI Design, connect with UX/UI professionals, and learn the basic skills of designing a unique user experience.

6:00 PM

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The tech industry in BC is definitely growing, and there are many different paths to break into the industry. These lessons are meant to show people what “tech” actually means, what skills you can learn, what careers can you have, and how you can benefit from this growing industry. You can attend any of the lessons for only $5 and all proceeds of from the Summer Sampler will go to Motionball – Marathon for Sport, a not-for-profit organization that raises awareness and funds for the Special Olympics Canada Foundation (SOCF).

Haidee Kongpreecha

Digital Marketing Instructor and Content Strategist

Haidee is a digital strategist who brings over seven years of marketing experience to RED Academy. She graduated with a BA from Simon Fraser University in Criminology and English, where she developed sharp analytical skills and linguistic finesse. Though Haidee has worked in all areas of digital marketing, her expertise is in content marketing, digital storytelling and branding. She is driven by creating innovative content that captivates and resonates with people. When she's not working, Haidee is sleeping. Haidee enjoys a good nap.

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