RED Spotlight: Kabuni

As part of being in Vancouver we want to embrace local start ups, we caught up with Kabuni CEO Neil Patel to learn more about the company.

Kabuni is a platform built for home designers, where one can create unique designs and buy sustainable products. Kabuni supports local artists, artisans and local manufacturers.

What made you start a company like Kabuni?

I was working in real estate for over 10 years in the UK, I took a break in 2012 and decided that I wanted to build a company that would in turn make a difference. I originally started the company in Winnipeg but decided to move to Vancouver since it was hard to attract talent. The vision is to provide a better experience in home design, from buying products to creating great designs.

How has holograms changed the way people view products?

It makes a huge difference for visualization, the HoloMax 3D Holographic Display provides consumers the opportunity to see how items will look within their own home from a virtual room setting.

How has user experience and user interface helped your organization?

Massively, there are so many intricate touch points with the user experience from where a button is placed, what colour to choose, and what size font should be used. At Kabuni we want to provide an omni channel experience for our consumers, this will provide them with a seamless shopping throughout every stage of a purchase.

As Kabuni grows what are you most looking forward too?

Making an impact, with every transaction at Kabuni we make a donation to the Better Homes For Everyone Foundation. We believe in better homes for everyone, one of our key goals is to reducing global homelessness.

What advice do you have for those wanting to start a new business?

To be extremely passionate about what you set out to do, although it may feel like you’re charging into a brick wall at times, to still go for it.

Kabuni is currently available for download on the App Store.

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