RED Digital Marketing Alumni: Meet Julia Zhou

As part of our RED Academy Alumni series, we are featuring Julia Zhou, who graduated from our Digital Marketing program.

What were you doing before RED?

I was completing my Bachelor’s degree at UBC, and it quickly dawned upon me that I would be competing with thousands of university educated students upon graduation. Regardless of how many extracurricular activities I was involved in, I lacked the practical, technical and industry knowledge needed to give me a competitive advantage as a new job seeker.

Where are you working now?

I am working as an Internet Marketing Coordinator at 6S Marketing. And as always, trying to figure life out.

What interested you in the Digital Marketing & Strategy program?

I had previously worked on many events and with organizations for UBC’s marketing/communications/PR team. It was evident that social and digital was going to be the future of this industry and I struggled to find a program that offered to teach these skill-sets until RED came along.

What was the most important thing you learned at RED?

Practice will improve your craft and never stop being curious.

What was your experience like at RED?

It exceeded my expectations. This experience turned into amazing learning opportunities that has benefited me when working. I made connections with industry professionals who were full of insights and found a community that believes in REAL education.

What would you say to someone thinking about taking the program?

Go to a sampler session and a social event. There is a lot of events at RED, it really helps you get to know what RED is all about and what to expect as a student.

How has the program helped you in your job?

The industry network is invaluable. And the community partner projects gave me practical experience that I showcased in my portfolio, indicating that the skills I had were applicable and transferable in a real job. I also really appreciated the workshops on career growth, too many people apply to jobs with no success because they don’t know what they want.

What are you most excited for at 6S Marketing?

Working on different clients from various industries. I’m always learning and being exposed to something unique and fresh. Also working alongside a team of kickass digital marketing professionals and a company that values my personal goals.

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Holly Lawton

With over 10 years full-circle marketing experience, working across multiple b2c and b2b campaigns, Holly brings her passion for digital marketing to the Red Academy.

Originally from the UK, Holly has worked in a wide varied of industries. From consumer campaigns like the world’s largest dog show Crufts, BBC Kids and live entertainment, right through to food and drink trade events, global telecommunications conferences and a worldwide shipping broker – proving that digital marketing can be applied successfully to any company, in any market.

Holly cycled the pacific coast from Vancouver to Tijuana blogging all the way and in London, was a singer in a band. You will still catch her cycling around the city and maybe even singing…

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