Lunch and Learn Feature: My Green Space

At RED we host a Lunch and Learn every other week, as part of our on-going learning and networking events we host for our students. This past week we welcomed Michael Moll from My Green Space.

Michael, who is originally from Kenya came to Canada on a full leadership scholarship from UBC with a major in Business/Marketing and a minor in Sustainability. He is a community and technology obsessed social commerce visionary. Resilient sustainable communities are rooted in his DNA from his upbringing. He has always been working towards eliminating paper process and digitizing the world through more efficiency and less waste.

Through his early days at UBC, Michael was involved in creating two different projects one which was a loyalty stamp app, a guest list software, and ticketing system which was used by a few local nightclubs in Vancouver and UBC. Through his various startups, he wanted to ensure he would incorporate his upbringing in Kenya, growing up, his grandparents, they grew all their own vegetables, herbs, and fruits. He was inspired and wanted to use what he learned as a child. Michael and his girlfriend in 2011 started growing their own garden, through this they made mistakes and learned the detailed processes it takes to maintain and grow a garden. In 2012 they decided to expand their garden and had over 20 different varieties of vegetables and herbs.

As time went on, more and more people approached Michael and his girlfriend on how they started a garden and what they did to grow so many different vegetables. With this they had an idea, they both saw the need and spark for others to learn. Through this My Green Spaceâ„¢ was created. Through the My Green Spaceâ„¢ gardening app they want to help everyone grow their own food and put a garden in every home on the planet. My Green Spaceâ„¢ offers an end to end solution simplifying the process of growing fruits and vegetables in any space, and eliminating any need for research or journaling. Customers learn instantaneously with daily task notifications and tutorials. Built in e-commerce simplifies the process of acquiring the correct supplies by recommending the products required for the user specific situation: time of year, location, sunlight, budget and available space. My Green Spaceâ„¢ functions on desktops, smartphones and tablets, allowing users to use the app while in their gardens.

In 2014 Michael decided to take his company to startup weekend and won 2nd place, he was able to meet his team and a few initial investors. Through his mission to accelerate the transition to a sustainable food system, he hopes for a garden in every home and food for every soul. In the next year My Green Spaceâ„¢ wants to break even and raise a series between $1M-$1.5M, be in another continent (possibly Australia), and be seen as a trusted garden source.

His advice for those looking to get into the startup business is to find something you are passionate about, find a problem that has yet to be solved but needs to be solved. Staying a ahead of the curve and never stop learning will help in the long run. Always meet others, network, have a mentor, always know your ” WHY”, and have fun!

To learn more about My Green Space, contact their team.

Julie Tremblay

Creative Director / Lead Instructor, UI & Communication Design

Julie is a Designer with expertise in crafting highly engaging digital experiences for organizations like TELUS, YYoga, Escents, and Rutgers University at digital agency Pound & Grain. Originally from New-Caledonia, she joined the RED team where she uses her well-rounded set of skills and her background in fine arts & coding to fuel her strong enthusiasm for teaching UI & Communication Design.

Julie is passionate about thinking of innovative ways to leverage user-centric design at every possible moment - whether it's through her teaching, her design work, or while contributing to the betterment of her surroundings.

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