Meet Vancouver Program Coordinator: Andee Pittman

What making a difference feels like.

Meet Andee Pittman, Vancouver Program Coordinator.  Andee is a former RED student. Before RED she was in search of fame; an aspiring actress, singer and dancer who graduated from CCPA in Victoria, BC. When you meet Andee, her wit and delivery make it obvious that she was born to entertain!

Making a living as an actress is challenging, and it’s not always glamorous. “I wanted to do something that would make a difference in people’s lives, something meaningful”. Andee arrived at RED one afternoon with the idea that she would take all of the courses offered here!

Andee’s ambition was tempered by Lindsay, one of our UX instructors, who offered her a piece of advice she could relate to: “Follow your heart (and take the UX design full-time program, to start)”.

“I’m glad I listened to Lindsay. UX design was not what I thought it was going to be. Thankfully it was more than I could have imagined; there are no boundaries! When I was finished at RED I was in love. In love with what I had learned, and with the people I had met, and the experiences I had here… I felt like I found my start and I could make a difference in the world”.

We gladly hired Andee when she applied and she is now the Program Coordinator and leader of RED’s community Partner Project process. Andee spends her day helping her former instructors in the UX program and building and supporting our community partners while students are working through projects for them.

“I feel connected to the community. It feels awesome! There is so much talent at RED and  we’re already doing amazing things. I’m looking forward to working with everyone and seeing just how much we can do together”.

RED wants to impact 1,000,000 people in the next 5 years and Andee is one of them. She is taking it upon herself to pay-it-forward, by helping out our new students and supporting the school.

“In the future, I want to build a course called ‘designing for social innovation’. Given RED’s values and the fact that Vancouver is already a socially minded city, we’re (RED is) poised to become a place where thought leaders come to work”.

By: Mackenzie Kieran, Web Development Instructor

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Lead Ux instructor Karina eating red sweeties
Karina Daukaeva

Karina is an experienced UX and graphic designer with a primary focus on interaction design and product development. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Psychology, she originally started as a digital illustrator and gradually moved to web development and branding. Her biggest passion is working with startups and custom-built products, as it gives her a chance to work with different stages of the product, from visual identity, design, and branding to front-end development, market research and testing. She currently leads UX Professional and Foundation Programs.

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