Meet RED Vancouver Digital Marketing Instructor: Lisa McCann

Meet Lisa, RED Vancouver Digital Marketing Instructor. She is a good-natured prosciutto, arugula pizza loving digital marketer who has recently decided to share her knowledge with the folks of this beautiful city we call Vancouver. She’s an expert in business-to-business (B2B), inbound marketing, content marketing, social, analytics. Essentially, she can create marketing people love. Lisa loves the combination between creative element and analytical elements in marketing, tying together all aspects. Her favourite part is telling stories and strategic branding.

When she’s not getting creative with ideas, content, and making delightful marketing experiences, Lisa hits the green turf with some cleats, friends, and a soccer ball. Her quiet demeanour will fool you when she gets a bit more comfortable. Her sense of creativity and fun is clear when she exposes a bit of her sarcastic, yet friendly, humour with the world.

When asked about 3 fun facts we may not know about Lisa yet, she says:

  1. My first marketing job ever was interning at Plenty-of-Fish.
  2. She lived in Australia (she has family there).
  3. She had a very close encounter with a shark while swimming in the ocean. After a few moments, the shark “magically” turned into a dolphin.
  4. She’s an avid sports fan (except for baseball).

Before RED Academy, Lisa worked at the marketing helm of Mindfield as the marketing manager. Her favourite part about this job was she got to rebrand and relaunch Mindfield’s website. She came up with all of the concepts and tag-lines, new verbiage, giving a fresh face to the brand and building a full launch strategy. It was an intense five-month project, but incredibly rewarding.

We are so excited to have Lisa on our team. She mentioned that if there was a movie about her life, it would be “Parks and Recreation”, therefore she is already a wonderful fit to our team. Word of warning, though, we advise you not to wear toe socks around her in our shoeless school, as this is not something she finds them somewhat disagreeable.

Lisa’s favourite part about RED Academy so far is the family vibe we have carefully cultivated. In her words, “the team is so close and super supportive”. She loves spending time with the students and is gratified when they have the epiphany and full understanding of a concept. This makes the teaching experience that much more rewarding. She is great at teaching everything, but she loves to teach inbound marketing because it brings all of the elements that the student learn together.

Thanks Lisa for sharing some of what you’re about and we are so grateful to have you on the RED team. We look forward to seeing you grow as a teacher and marketer!

By: Lindsay Henwood, UX Design Instructor

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Lead Ux instructor Karina eating red sweeties
Karina Daukaeva

Karina is an experienced UX and graphic designer with a primary focus on interaction design and product development. Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Psychology, she originally started as a digital illustrator and gradually moved to web development and branding. Her biggest passion is working with startups and custom-built products, as it gives her a chance to work with different stages of the product, from visual identity, design, and branding to front-end development, market research and testing. She currently leads UX Professional and Foundation Programs.

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