Meet: Ben Frisby, Web Development Instructor

Meet our New Instructor Interview.
With Ben Frisby, Web Development Instructor.

“Family”. It’s more than just a word in the English language, RED Academy holds the idea of “family” as one of our core values. And what’s a better way to get to know a new family member? Break the ice with a bunch of fun, obscure, and personal questions.

I had a chance to sit down with our newest family member, Ben Frisby. At first, he was a little hesitant about dishing out a bunch of personal details to a person he only met a week earlier. Fortunately, it was nothing a few jokes, locking the office door and a threatening glance couldn’t over come.

Here’s a very colourfully worded translation of how our conversation unfolded:

Describe yourself in 3 words

Funny. Out going. Laid back. I think we’ve got a comedian on our hands.

What is your favourite food?

A lover of macaroni and cheese; Ben will only go for homemade kind, not the mass produced stuff out of a box like KD.

Name 1 of your favourite hobbies/pastimes

True to his plaid-wearing compatriots in the Pacific Northwest, Ben loves camping.

What are 3 fun facts people wouldn’t know about you?

  1. It sounds as though this is a little known fact about Ben, but he is deathly afraid of heights. In fact, this tall drink of water said if he were 1 inch taller, he’d never look down.
  2. What’s the craziest way to get from Vancouver to Toronto, with the guarantee of facing 27 below weather? Riding a bicycle, of course. He was one of 3 mad men who biked this cross Canada distance over the span of 27 days – only 3 of which were rest. The good, less gut wrenching news is, he (and the other participants) managed to raise a whopping $160 thousand dollars for this charitable endeavor. That’s $130 thousand more than the original target.
  3. If risking his life through a gruelling bike race wasn’t enough, Ben decided to sign up for the World’s Toughest Mudder – not just the regular one, the World’s Toughest. Over 24 hours, Ben slogged his way though a 10 mile race with 40+ obstacles, completing as many laps as can. How many is that? Four to five – he wasn’t sure as he hasn’t fully unlocked the memory of that dark chapter in his life.

What did you do before RED?

Prior to landing in the world of academia, Ben flew up high in the sky lands of wealth management + finance. Way up there, the clouds come together and the forecast calls for a great deal of money based precipitation. For over 3 years, Ben helped high flyers; valued at over a million dollars, manage their funds and investments. In fact, some of the people he worked with reached over a billion dollar valuation – way to manage, Ben!

What made you want to get into web development?

Combined with his deadly fear of heights, Ben eventually realized that the altitudes of wealth management weren’t for him. He wanted to step away from his precipitous position and work once again with a team towards common goals. He also has a great deal of interest in the disruptive nature of technology.

What is your favourite thing about RED so far?

This question is a bit of curve ball. What would Ben say? Family! Phew! Probing interviewer aside, he’s enjoying the camaraderie, lack of egos, open, easy-going people, and of course, the mutual goals.

What is your favourite subject or aspect about teaching?

We went the “aspect” route. Ben loves positive influence. He is enthralled by the “ah ha” moment. That point when a student’s proverbial light bulb lights up and they overcome a hurdle that they were struggling with.

Name one of your favourite projects you worked on in your career.

Even though his leg muscles are still recovering, one of his most memorable project was the Moustache ride across Canada.

If you were an animal, what would you be? Why?

An African swallow, because they can carry coconuts. I’m starting to like this man. But if you, the reader, don’t get this reference – I’m starting to like you less.

If you had one goal to accomplish in your life, what would that be?

Horizontal distance isn’t enough for this man. He would love to do the world’s most famous trio of peaks – Machu Picchu, Kilimanjaro and Base Camp Everest.

Is there something I missed?

I did. He’s been playing basketball for 25 years and coaching it for 15. He also was the captain of his university basketball team and won the provincial championships in BC. Well, combine this with his biking legs and I’m sure he could jump to the top of the 3 peaks.

So there you have it, RED Academy welcomes a new staff member who is already starting to out pace us all. Welcome, Ben Frisby!

By: Robert MacKie, UX Design Instructor

Mackenzie Kieran

Mackenzie is a front-end developer who’s been working professionally in Vancouver’s dynamic and burgeoning start-up scene since 2010. He brings strong experience with Javascript and contemporary web development to RED.

One look at Mackenzie’s experience will show you that he is passionate about doing work that fosters community-building, which makes him a great fit for our growing community at RED!

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