Lunch and Learn Feature: Matt Astifan

At RED we host a Lunch and Learn every other week, as part of our on-going learning and networking events we host for our students. This past week we welcomed Matt Astifan, he is the Founder of Web Friendly and Director at Internet Masterminds, and is a Freelance Internet Marketing Expert.

Matt originally started out in the film industry but found himself in real estate within a few years. After his first year as a relator he saw that he was $30K in debt and did not know what to do. His managing broker recommended that he get involved in internet marketing, which is exactly what he did. Matt started out as a freelancer selling internet marketing to businesses to set up their sales funnel and use social media to drive traffic.

Matt now has the opportunity to travel to various cities for conferences and workshops, he is also involved in event marketing and coaching programs.

Matt presented his findings to our students on ‘How to Build a Thriving Six-Figure Lifestyle Business as a Freelance Social Media Director’. Research shows that business owners are desperately looking for someone that can effectively manage social media for them.

Here is Matt’s take on all things social media:

1. What has been the biggest change in social media?

I have noticed that many business owners are taking advantage of social media and are more educated about what to do with it. Before many organizations use to focus on brand marketing, but now businesses are aware of direct response marketing. Back in 2009 there was no ROI to provide, now with all the social channels having analytics it is very easy to track progress and ROI.

2. What is the biggest benefit of social media?

The amount of data available, you now are able to track each campaign, posts, and photos progress and collect relevant data to effectively make choices on budgets, CPA, ROI and engagement.

3. What is your favourite social media channel?

My favourite would be Facebook, the amount of data that can be tracked is such a huge benefit, the engagement of users is readily available, and the newsfeed algorithm is by far the best.

4. What do you think is the ‘HOT’ social media channel at the moment?

I know most would say Snapchat but I think it’s YouTube. There is still a lot more to do with YouTube that has not been touched yet. Live video with any platform would be another ‘hot’ social platform right now (Periscope, Facebook Live, YouTube Live). Television can be moved to Facebook and news stations can broadcast live.

5. Where do you see social media headed in the next 10 years?

I think data and targeting will go very much into detail more than now, activities are already being tracked but will be segmented further, and companies like Apple and Google will provide more wearable tech gadgets (eg. Apple Watch & Google Glasses).

6. What is the biggest challenge people face with social media?

Time, organizations who do not have a dedicated employee to online marketing can’t seem to find the time to be active online, many times people question where the ROI is. It is all about finding the right person to handle their marketing.

7. What are the first steps to take to work as a social media freelancer?

Be specific on exactly what you’ll do for your clients. Get VERY SPECIFIC about goals – if they want more sales focus on generating leads and NOT on growing fans/followers. Position yourself as an expert in a particular network, industry or campaign type, and build a case study to leverage more clients.

Learn more about social media from Web Friendly & learn more about our Digital Marketing Professional & Foundation programs.

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