Don’t become obsolete in the tech industry

With the ever changing techsphere it’s hard to keep on top, but for those working in industry there is no other way to succeed. Andrea Tam, Director of Production at Noise Digital and previously Director of Production at Pound & Grain gives her insights on how to succeed in this competitive space.

The change in tech over the years

The biggest transition in the tech industry in the last five years has been working in one specific technology (eg. PHP or .NET developer), now developers and others alike can no longer stick to one section but need to be more well rounded.

“Don’t hold yourself into one technology, if you don’t learn new things you will become obsolete.” Says Andrea.

Let’s face it, in this day and tech era, there’s no better advice.

UX designers need to start focusing on the usability and interaction between humans and the experience, unfortunately there is not many books out there that can keep up with tech since it changes almost daily. Digital Marketers must stay on top of new technologies, without this those in agencies won’t be able to convince clients to try out new platforms and they will no longer buy in.

Predictions on future tech jobs

Andrea’s prediction for strategists to have the brightest future in tech is definitely on trend. Before strategists were traditionally more planner focused, specifically data and user experience designer strategists will come out on top. When it comes to data strategists, many organizations are now collecting data, Instagram is collecting data on every touch point to be more informed about consumer behaviour this in turn has a direct affect on the user experience designers on how to connect and interacts with their users.

When it comes to virtual reality it is new, exciting, and fun. Currently VR is a more of a nice to have but in the next few years it will definitely come into play with daily interactions, people will start digging more into VR.

“If you want to be in tech industry, do what you love, be hyper curious about tech and stay on top of things.” Added Andrea.

From developers to marketers, everyone has to dive further into their roles and explore more than just one thing.

Hear Andrea speak on our Jobs of the Future panel on May 17 at RED Academy Vancouver – an exciting and insightful event that will provide people on how changing roles and skill sets have made a difference in the tech so far.

The panel on Tuesday will provide more of a deep dive into the future of tech jobs and what many can expect in the next few years. Below is the confirmed list of panelists:

Steve Rio, CEO of  Briteweb

Andrea Tam, Direct or Production for Noise Digital

Emily Taylor, Digital Marketing Manager of Tradable Bits

Nina Rizzi, Talent Manager of 6S Marketing

Julie Tremblay

Creative Director / Lead Instructor, UI & Communication Design

Julie is a Designer with expertise in crafting highly engaging digital experiences for organizations like TELUS, YYoga, Escents, and Rutgers University at digital agency Pound & Grain. Originally from New-Caledonia, she joined the RED team where she uses her well-rounded set of skills and her background in fine arts & coding to fuel her strong enthusiasm for teaching UI & Communication Design.

Julie is passionate about thinking of innovative ways to leverage user-centric design at every possible moment - whether it's through her teaching, her design work, or while contributing to the betterment of her surroundings.

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