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If you aren’t familiar with the notion that ‘good design makes better business’, you need to be – stat. No, we’re not referring to design in a visual or graphic sense, but in applying a designer’s hat to innovating a business. Still with us? In anticipation of RED Academy’s Disruptive Design Thinking Masterclass happening on September 8, we’re delving into the methodology that’s shaking up the way business is done through a new approach to design thinking.

disruptive design thinking

Disruptive Design Thinking

In order to stay relevant in today’s fast paced economy, businesses must be ready to rapidly respond to change. Currently, the best way to do this is by incorporating the human-centric design approach, more commonly known as ‘design thinking’. The driving force behind this methodology is empowering customer experience: connecting with the customer and anticipating what they will want next.

In fact, customer experience is now at the core of the some of the most innovative and successful businesses (ahem, Google and UBER). Gone are the days when deceptive ads ruled. Today, customers want to build authentic, trusting relationships with the companies they choose to do business with. Take Apple for example; it’s not advertising that convinces people to pull out their credit card, it’s the free trial and the product experience that solidifies whether or not customers will make that final purchase.

Besides financial success, shifting your company’s focus to disruptive design thinking has numerous benefits. This includes increasing customer retention and long term growth in competitive marketplaces as well as more engaged employees, richer partnerships, and a more responsive way of operating.

When it comes down to it, at the centre of a truly disruptive design thinking organizations is just one thing: empathy. This translates as the keen ability to listen, to learn from customers, and continually strive to delight them time and time again. For many established companies, the shift to becoming a design-centric business is a tricky one, as they lack both the methodologies and mindset. That’s where we come in.
To learn more about the tools necessary for your organization to incorporate the design thinking methodology, check out RED Academy’s Disruptive Design Masterclass on Thursday, September 8th, from 10-6PM at their Vancouver location. Spaces are very limited and you can register here.

Sean Eikerman

Admissions Director

Sean is our Admissions Director who’s got a lazer focus on making RED an educational paradise with the best and brightest students. He’s an aficionado of old-school hip hop, and has over 7 year’s experience working with small tech firms and start-ups, including co-founding and running his own company, Boatwyze.

His background in the vibrant tech scene, bundled with his love for education, fuels his massive enthusiasm for bridging the gap between the innovative tech firms who need good people and the students who need fulfilling jobs. On the weekend, Sean can be found sailing around Vancouver with his friends, mentoring young startup founders, playing beer-league sports and cooking up mildly-successful meals.

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