How to become a Digital Marketing Professional

Interested in becoming a Digital Marketing Professional?

Wondering what is the best way to go about it?

Digital Marketing Professional Lead Instructor, Holly Lawton shares the best way to dive into this dynamic field.

Image: Havas Worldwide

Image: Havas Worldwide

There are so many options available: one-off workshops, free online courses, MBA and degree programs with digital specializations along with online certification exams such as Google Adwords and Analytics and Hubspot to name a few.

When there are so many options for digital marketing courses available, it becomes so hard to know if you are making the right choice.

I’ve worked in marketing for over ten years, to be honest, I’m not sure I’ve ever used my Marketing Degree in practice. Everything I learned was from my work experience. I was lucky to have a great coach, but I had to teach myself digital marketing.

If you have ever tried to self-teach, it’s a very long and hard process. If you hit a wall, it’s tough to find the answers you need. Yes granted, there are a lot of online courses and resources, but half the time you’re left guessing if you’re actually doing it right!

It’s amazing how many people aren’t.

The most important thing you need to become a true digital marketer is experience.

But how do you get digital marketing experience?

There are so many grads with no hard skills to enter the workforce, plus individuals that are so keen to learn, but have nobody to give them that break to get that key experience.

This is what makes RED Academy so different to any other learning opportunity. It’s why even in the short-time we’ve been open we’ve been able to help our grads get hired.

Everything we teach here is project based. That means you are actively learning from day one. No lectures. No essays. No old-school crap. Real-world projects, with real businesses.

The course enables you to gain tangible skills that enable you (yes even after only 12 weeks) to hit the ground running and get you on that career path you’ve always wanted. Having not only the technical skills like adwords and analytics, but the ability to make strategic decisions using critical thinking, will put you head and shoulders above other applicants.

What makes RED Academy’s Digital Marketing Professional Course so successful?

Digital Marketing Professional as a course is so successful, that at the 10 week mark of our current cohort, a quarter of our class already have jobs lined up directly after the course ends. We have employers like Yellow Pages continually coming back to ask for more grads. “The RED digital marketing grads represent the best equipped new grads in the industry“. John Hawkins, Yellow Pages.

But that’s enough from me – hear from some of our (soon to be) awesome grads who are about to start work as Digital Marketing Professionals (and I couldn’t be prouder):

RED Digital Marketing Professional (soon to be) Graduates

Supriya Gupta, Digital Marketing Professional Graduate

Supriya Gupta, Digital Marketing Professional Graduate

Supriya Gupta

Current Student: Will start as Online Marketing Coordinator at Snug Vest July 4th.

Doing Before Red: Customer Solutions Expert at Shaw Telecommunications

“Being at Red has made me the person that I have wanted to be for a long time. The skills, the confidence and the connections that I have developed here helped me in reaching some major life goals in the span of three months and that is how I ended up working for Snug Vest. Thank you Red Academy! Your program is a life changer.”




KAre Jaconds Digital Marketing Professional Graduate

Kare Jacobs, Digital Marketing Professional Graduate

Kare Jacoba

Current Student: Will be starting a new job with GLOBE Series as their Marketing Director on July 11th.

Before RED: An Entrepreneur/Freelancer in lead generation

“RED gave me the skills and knowledge I needed in order to be competitive in the job market. If it were not for RED’s Digital Marketing Professional program, I would never have had the confidence to apply for my dream job. I’m thrilled to report that I recently signed a contract for a Marketing Director position and I have RED to thank for it!”




Nav Uppal Digital Marketing Professional graduate

Nav Uppal, Digital Marketing Professional Graduate

Nav Uppal

Current student – will start new role as SEO Specialist at Daily Hive in July

Before RED – Makeup artist at Nordstrom

“RED provided me with both technical and soft skills and helped me determine my personal market value. The hands on experience I got allowed me to go into my interview with the confidence I needed to land my job!”







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Julie Tremblay

Creative Director / Lead Instructor, UI & Communication Design

Julie is a Designer with expertise in crafting highly engaging digital experiences for organizations like TELUS, YYoga, Escents, and Rutgers University at digital agency Pound & Grain. Originally from New-Caledonia, she joined the RED team where she uses her well-rounded set of skills and her background in fine arts & coding to fuel her strong enthusiasm for teaching UI & Communication Design.

Julie is passionate about thinking of innovative ways to leverage user-centric design at every possible moment - whether it's through her teaching, her design work, or while contributing to the betterment of her surroundings.

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