Back To School Sampler at RED Academy

For every foodie, there’s nothing worse than ordering a meal at a restaurant only to find that once it hits your table, it’s completely not what you expected. Bland, boring, and lacking flavour, it’s nothing like the enticing description on the menu. And though you could always send it back, that feeling of initial disappointment simply can’t be forgotten.

When the idea doesn’t match the reality, it can be disheartening to say the least. The stakes are raised considerably higher when there’s money and your time involved. Doing your research is key to making the right decision. After all, you wouldn’t purchase a car without test driving it first, so why should your education be any different?

That’s why we decided to host The Summer Sampler back in July. For one week, we offered free classes to anyone interested in our courses so that they could get a taste of what the curriculum would be like. From mingling with the staff to touring our school, anyone and everyone was welcome to join us and learn more about #REDacademy.


After just days of making the announcement, our Sampler courses were completely booked up with tons of budding tech professionals. Since then we’ve had countless requests to do it all over again. So, we are!

Starting August 31st, you can partake in any of our intro classes completely free of charge. During the Lunch & Learn’s, you can touch on Digital Marketing & Strategy, Web Development, Google Analytics, and UX, which are components of our full-time programs. For those who can’t make our lunch time classes, not to worry, as we’re offering three hour workshops at night that delve into topics like Digital Marketing, HTML & CSS, User Experience Design, and Responsive Web Design.

Our goal is to help demystify tech, shed light on the most in-demand jobs, and give you a taste of the skills that will be further developed in our courses. Register online to secure your spot, as space is limited! Visit for course details.

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Picture of Colin Mansel
Colin Mansell

Colin is the CEO / Managing Director of RED Academy. He originally started his career as a classically trained musician and sound engineer, before switching to the tech industry where he has been working for the past 15 years. While he sounds British, don’t let that accent fool you; his roots are Dutch, and he calls Amsterdam his hometown.

Also the founder of Drive Digital, one of Western Canada’s biggest digital agencies, Colin is inspired by watching people create and seeing them find fulfillment in doing something they believe in. Colin is excited by the idea that the Internet connects us all, increasing transparency and accountability. He strongly believes that purpose is a bigger driver in people than profit, which will lead us to a better, fairer, more conscious world – values that dictate the foundation of RED.

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