App & Web Development Student Spotlight: Brian, Warren, and John

Get to know our Web Development and Full-Stack Developer students from the Spring 2017 Cohort: Brian, Warren, and John. Right now, the students are half-way through the full-time programs. Here, they share their experience so far and where they want to be after their RED journey is over.

What did you do before coming to RED & what brought you here?

Brian: I was studying interior design at BCIT. Instead of self-learning, I wanted to learn more effectively and more efficiently at RED.

Warren: Before RED I studied graphic design at BCIT where I was refining my skills and learning best practices in the industry. While I was finishing up school in April 2016 I kept up my productivity by doing a few side projects for clients as a freelancer.

What brought me to RED was a referral from a past instructor/ mentor. He introduced a project for us to create the UI/UX for an app of our choice. This got me working with the UI/UX realm and it was this experience that opened the door to current interest I have with building these apps. He recommended me RED because of the material RED has to offer. He told me he found it relevant to the industry today.

I thought of this as a challenge that I could work on to sharpen a double edge sword for my step into the industry wielding the Designers skills and Developers mindset.

John: Biomedical Engineering Student.

If you decided on a career change, what motivated you to move to the tech industry?

Brian: I believed that in the future, there are only few industries that can make good money; technology, real-estate and energy, and I chose technology.

Warren: I did not do a career change but what interest me about tech is all the new technology that are being developed and discovered. So much potential and new waves of tech that there is no way you can’t find an interest in this wide field of material. Tech is something we interact and experience everyday of our lives and with that it grows and evolves to be better and better. But the process of that is just as interesting as the final result of where tech will end up. That’s why I would want to do a career change into this industry if I wasn’t in it already.

John: The fast paced environment along with the impact of technical skills to add value on a large scale.

Meet Brian!


What future opportunities do you see in the tech industry?

Brian: Everything will be web-based soon, full-stack developers can execute many ideas solely on web platform, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, cloud storage, E-commerce etc. Bottom line, company/organization at any scale needs a decent website.

Warren: I see opportunity to make the web more efficient and strengthening the user experience on the internet on all platform/devices. I think looking at a single specific industry, experience will always come around but looking at the industry as a whole where we can collaborate and educate each other is where the opportunities will be at. The opportunity to teach, learn and excel.

John: Freelancing, Entrepreneurship, and App Development.

How is RED helping you reach your career aspirations?

Brian: RED understands the industry well, and they can mentor me skills that is vital to start my career in tech industry.

Warren: At RED I feel like I’m always being pushed to my limit even though I thought I was already at my limit I’m pushed even more. I believe this will set me up to be ready for the industry. My foundation is stronger now than when I came into this school 4 months ago. The opportunities to work with people in the industry had given me a point of view of what to expect. The moral support from the people I see everyday is definitely a plus too.

John: RED helped to refine my work ethic and also redefined the way I learn on my own.

What are your career goals after RED?

Brian: I wanted to start working as a Junior Developer, and continue to learn and work on my way up the ladder.

Warren: To be able to find a job where I can pick up and learn new material and to contribute my share of knowledge would be pretty cool. But to also be able to put together a team to work together and come up with a start-up is also on the list of things to do.

John: Working in an environment where I can further hone my skills, then Entrepreneurship.

Meet Warren!


What’s your favourite part about RED or the highlight of your education at RED so far?

Brian: My favourite part about RED is that everyone in the class are starting on the same level, so we can really support and motivate each other.

Warren: So far the highlight would be all the Friday nights spent at the school enjoying the atmosphere everyone contributes to. The connections built with the staff, friends and beer.

John: The highlight of my education is learning how to learn efficiently.

What has RED taught you about yourself or what surprising thing have you learned about yourself?

Brian: RED taught me both soft and hard skills that is critical for success, including communication skills, programming skills, problem solving skills etc. I was very surprised on how efficient RED teach their students, I’ve learn a lot during my time at RED. They manage to keep the proper difficulty level, students are challenged but doesn’t feel overwhelmed.

Warren: I learnt that I could push myself further than I thought and bring more to the table. Its so easy to say you can only do so much and call it a day after saying that. But having that extra push from the instructors made me realize how much more I have to give.

John: RED has taught me that you really have to put in the work in order to get the results.

In an alternate universe you would be…

Brian: Super SAIYAN.

Warren: An owl.

John: Water.

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*All photos taken by Vincent Barber, Digital Marketing 2016 Winter Alumni 
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