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RED Academy is a leading-edge technology school for the designers, creators, developers and digital marketers of tomorrow.

We were born out of some of Western Canada’s leading digital agencies, and work closely with a network of industry partners to design highly engaging, immersive learning programs that give our students the right technical skills and knowledge to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving workplace.

Meet Some of Our Instructors

  • Katie Jeanes

    Instructor, Digital Marketing

    With over 8 years of experience in Analytics, User Acquisition and Social Media, Katie joins the team as an instructor of Digital Marketing. She has also previously founded two startups in digital media and fashion technology.

    Inspired by creative entrepreneurs and innovative startups, Katie is excited to demystify digital marketing and helping students launch a career they love. She also happens to be a darn good baker!

  • Mandi Wise

    Lead Instructor, Head of Curriculum

    Mandi is one of the lead instructors for our immersive programs. Web developer by day (and usually at night too), Mandi specializes in custom WordPress plugin and theme development.

    Her background in content strategy and web writing has helped her develop a well-rounded approach to her current skill set. When she’s not creating structurally sound websites that work like a well-oiled machine, you can find her making use of a fleet of vintage cameras. In fact, nothing makes her quite as excited as the sound of a Polaroid SX-70 camera the moment it ejects a new photo.

  • Lindsay Henwood

    Lead Instructor, UX Designer

    Lindsay Henwood loves UX design. She has a diverse background – from University of Victoria to surf instruction and all points in between – but her empathetic nature and passion for design thinking led her to the field of UX over the last several years. A graduate of General Assembly’s UX Design Immersive program in Seattle, she has worked with companies like Shopify, Sitka, and Navicet to refine their products and presence. Her design sensibilities translate into her teaching, offering students clear insights into the practice of UX thinking and application. She gets excited about user research, affinity diagrams and usability testing, and she’ll jump at the chance to chat about UX – so feel free to reach out to her about it or swing by to meet in person. She also wouldn’t mind if you brought snacks along too.

  • Robert MacKie

    Instructor, UX Designer

    Robert is a people person and a person of the arts. From tiny start ups, to digital agencies to massive corporations, Robert brings 10 years design experience from a wide range of industries.

    Woven into those years is a wealth of experience and love of new media, visual and performance arts. Immensely social and outgoing, he has an equal love of working with people – be it helping, mentoring, teaching them or just having a good old conversation. But what puts him over the moon? Bringing those worlds together. Seeing the positive impact that comes of bringing art, design and people together is what Robert considers pure bliss.

  • Lyndon Mayer

    Instructor, UX Designer

    Lyndon is a highly experienced UX Designer originally from Melbourne, Australia. Over the past 7 years he’s worked with small and large scale clients across both hemispheres on projects ranging from websites, native apps and service based products. Currently working at Electronic Arts in Burnaby, he’s tasked with designing the next generation of web connected game experiences for EA and EA Sports titles.

    Lyndon is a huge advocate for applying good user centred design principles to every problem and is especially interested in natural interfaces and contextual application design.

  • David Kohler

    Academic Director

    As Academic Director of RED Academy, David has found a natural element for his passion of empowering people. He is making it his mission to ensure that students benefit from a dynamic, authentic and productive environment at RED by way of providing instructors with the tools to create engaging learning activities.

    Following over a decade of university-level teaching experience, David took on to develop himself as a trainer and as a coach. David holds a Ph.D. in theoretical mathematics, makes a different soup (almost) every Monday. He is originally from Switzerland and as a result, has a funny accent.

Some of Our Partners

Real Projects, Real Learning.

Our unique learning programs have been developed by today’s industry professionals—many of whom work with Canada’s largest creative agencies and brands—all taught in small classes of no more than six students per instructor. Our students work on real-world projects that provide them with the tools and experience to succeed in today’s fast-paced digital environment.

Our instructors work closely with a diverse group of hiring and community program partners to develop programs that challenge and excite our students. Each day they’re asked to create high-value digital work, not grind through monotonous text book exercises. It’s the kind of practical experience that sets our students apart and allows them to gain an edge in the competitive tech marketplace.

We just hired one of your grads .. So thanks for that; also still in discussions with a second one for a slightly different role; so it may end up as two hires.  While we had a large turn out; the RED grads were definitely a cut above – so you can take that as a feather in your cap.

Reece Griffin, TBA Digital

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